Special Education Programs

The Carthage Central School District provides a variety of educational programs and services for students with disabilities. These supports are provided in the general education setting as much as possible, based on the individual needs of the student. When necessary, special education classrooms located in District buildings or contracted through the local BOCES are necessary to support a student’s instructional program. The Committee on Special Education or the Committee on Preschool Special Education, working closely with families and school personnel, develop individual plans to guide the education of students with disabilities. If you feel your youngster may require special education services, please contact the Pupil Services Office at 493-5067.

Psychological Services

The school psychologists in the Carthage Central School District provide a variety of services for students and families focused on child development, school adjustment, social interactions, and learning. Psychological evaluations, usually through the Committee on Special Education, are used to identify and help develop programs for students with learning or emotional needs. In addition to evaluations, school psychologists may be involved in screening or counseling students who exhibit adjustment problems in the school setting. Additional information about psychological services in each of the District buildings can be obtained by contacting the Pupil Services Office at 493-5067.

Speech and Language Services

Speech and language services are provided to students individually or in small groups to address both articulation and language development concerns. Certified therapists work closely with classroom teachers and provide suggestions to parents to support speech and language goals in the classroom and in conversational speech. If you feel your youngster is having difficulty in these areas, please contact the Pupil Services Office at 493-5067.