The All-Sports Booster Club is open to all who are invested in our Carthage Athletic Program and desire to support the Carthage Central School District All-Sports Booster Club and their many activities.

The money raised through concessions and other outreach events assists our sports program in many ways, but our ability to maintain operations depends solely on our strength in Membership numbers.

Membership is easy to obtain and the following list of people are eligible to join the All-Sports Booster Club:

- School personnel

- Students

- Parents/Guardians

- Alumni

- Community members

Our members are all VOLUNTEERS and are the BACKBONE to MAKING EVENTS HAPPEN.  Club Members work behind the scenes for the sports teams, in the trenches to get things accomplished for the Sports Club, and are needed for the concession stand.

If you are interested in becoming an All-Sports Booster Club Member, helping at any home sports events/games, or serving as a future board member, please contact us at

Please stop by any of the concession stands and get involved!