Carthage Central School District Website Accessibility Guidelines

At the Carthage Central School District (hereinafter CCSD), we seek to understand and respect the unique needs of our students and community. We are committed to ensuring the accessibility of our web content to people with disabilities. All content on our website will conform to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, Level AA.
This policy applies to all new, updated, and existing web content on and all content on our teacher sites. Accessibility checks and training will be incorporated into the publishing workflow for all new website content. In addition, we will ensure third-party content providers are aware of our web accessibility policy and will favor providers based on their accessibility conformance claims.
Each page of the website will include a link to this page.  Any accessibility issues or feedback should be reported to the IT department at (315) 493-2529.  Reported issues will be compiled and considered during the review process.  CCSD has modified policies to prioritize accessibility glitches to ensure they are remedied with the same level of priority as any other equivalent loss of website function.
All areas of the CCSD website will be reviewed annually. Reviews are the responsibility of the IT department.
This policy will be reviewed annually to ensure current compliance and was last reviewed 1/27/2021 by the IT department.

External links are provided as a courtesy and we do not endorse, take responsibility, or exercise control of the organization nor vouch for the accuracy of the contents of the destination link. Accessibility cannot be guaranteed for external websites.