Medications at School

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Please contact your child's school nurse to

make an appointment for medication drop-off!

The School Health Offices do not supply nor stock ANY medications!

  • A current school medication order(form at the bottom of this page) from the students private provider is to be completed and turned in to the Health Office for ANY medications to be administered at school, during after-school activities (i.e. sports, drama, etc.) or on school sponsored field trips. The label on the prescription bottle does not constitute a provider order.


Written Parent permission is also required for ANY medications to be administered at school (prescription and over the counter). 


  • School medication orders are to be renewed ANNUALLY (form at bottom of page).

Medications are to be delivered in their original pharmacy labeled containers or sealed over the counter containers, directly to the School Nurse by the PARENT. 
Do NOT send medications to school with your child!

Self-Carrying Medications

Independent Students are allowed to Self-Carry Emergency Medications with written attestation from their Medical Provider.
This includes:
Emergency Inhalers for Asthma
Epipens for Allergic Reactions
Glucagon/Diabetic Supplies for Diabetes

Other medications may be approved for self-carry based on necessity after being reviewed by the School Medical Director.

ALL medications left at the school health office will be disposed of if not picked up by the parent before the last day of school. School nurses are 10 month employees and have very limited office hours over the summer.


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  • NYSED Guidelines for Medication Administration in Schools- Provides local educational agencies with a framework for developing policy and procedures that meet the requirements for medication administration in both public and non-public schools as defined in state law and regulation. It explains laws impacting administration of medication in a school, and provides guidelines for planning, implementation, and follow-up. It is intended for use by administrators and licensed school health professionals. (10/2015)